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The Elmo, eighteen, pale, worn & torn.

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Tired of waiting.
Its been a month. Ive waited for him with tears. Ive begged like an idiot one. Its fucking shit hurt shit aahhh shit! Dont you know its hurt? For me, it is. For you? I dont think so. Youre so mean. So mean, man. Most of my friends told me to move on. Move on bitch move on! Stop wasting your time. Nothing worth it. And I just like.. Wtf you!? Its not that easy to move on after we had fall for someone too hard. Too hard. Hmm, no one will understand me. Even my closest friends. Yes man, Im smiling laughing like crazy but the truth is Im crying, dying, pissing off inside. All I want is you. Only you. I dont need one prince that own a big bungalow, lots of money and so whatevs. Its simple, aite? As simple as an ABC. I love you. Cause nobody can light my day. Dear Koshi.

Its kinda hurt when we love someone but that person do love someone else. And le someone else is our friend. Who used to hear your problems between you and your love one before. More like back stabbed hahh? YES ABSOLUTELY! Bitch please, shut the fuck up. Naah, just so you know. Like Ive told you before. Ive been hurted by someone. Ive been waiting for someone. Someone that will never ever appreciate me. He treats me like Im a piece of shits, like Im a trash! But yeah, I am here still standing here. I am still survive. With tears. With a little pieces of my heart. Ive been crying all day and night. 

Im some sort of fucking train station eh? Noooooo. Am not. I think this is my last post for you. Today will be the last day for me to cry because of you. Ive cried like crazy just because of you. But you still, didnt realize it. Nothing worth it, I can see it by myself. But yeah, no matter what I will always standing here. Waiting for you to say, hey Farah I love you! And yes, Ill reply it back. Even youve been mem-babi liddat. This stupid ugly lil girl will always love you and nothing can change it. For now, Ill try to move on. Let fate decide our path then. Take care of your health. Take a good care of your lung. Dont forget to take meds. And please, dont take cigarettes. 

Lots of love,
Frh Shmsri :')

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