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The Elmo, eighteen, pale, worn & torn.

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Once in white and blue uniform..
Once in white and blue uniform? Yes, once Im in secondary school. Just flashin back le black and white, colourful memories that Ive been through. All of sudden I burst into tears. Why? Fucking miss my school. Might be lying if I told ya I miss my school right? Naah I miss each ppl in there, my girlfriends my boyfriends my friends. Yes, I got no lover in there :( What a life kan? Hehe its just enough to have girlfriends boyfriends friends by my side once there. And now. Still. Theyre here with me. 

Gaah! This is our last last pieces from my dslr when we were at school. We took like thousand photos a day. Thousand photos a day? Yeah haha. Each of them still here with me. In my collections. Oh btw thats me! The one holding blue and yellow paper. Idk what Im doing -.-

Take a step back to when we were in Secondary School. The days where we had recess two or more times a day haha. Where we would purposely be mean to the person we liked. Where making friends was easier than ever. Where playing four corners and kick bottles seemed to be the best part of our day. And now, the best part of the day is just curling up in bed and reminiscing all of the good times we used to have. I miss you guys like asdfghjkl!!

With love, lil girl from pure science class.

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